Victor's Industrial Supply Advice

Victor's Industrial Supply Advice

How to Choose the Right Car Lift for Your Residential Garage

A car lift or car elevator can open up space in a residential garage, allowing you to actually park one vehicle on top of another, rather than having vehicles side by side. These types of lifts are not meant for accessing the under body of a car to perform mechanical work, but are meant to simply lift one car above another, giving you two parking spaces in the ro

A Guide to Hiring a Boom Lift for Landscaping Projects

Purchasing a boom lift for tree trimming and other landscaping jobs may be something that most people may not afford. However, hiring one to get the job done and then return it is not only economical but also convenient because you only get to hire the equipment you want. Unfortunately, hiring means you don't always have access to the boom lift and there is a chance t

Designing your custom built solenoid

Solenoids are used in lots products that can be found around your home and office. They are in computer printers and door locking systems, but they are especially found in industrial applications including HVAC and your cars fuel injection system. What is a solenoid? In principle a solenoid is a simple device, just a coil of wire wrapped around a metal core. It is the

Projects to Make From Square Hollow Tubes

If you're interested in working with metal, you may want to find some square hollow tubes and build something out of them. You can get square hollow tubes from companies that specialise in industrial products. If you're up for welding, you can make frames for chairs, tables, soccer nets and lots of other items, but even without welding, there are a lot of projects to

How to Replace the Seals on a Hydraulic Cylinder

If one of the hydraulic cylinders on your tractor, forklift or any other equipment is leaking, you can top it up with extra fluid for a while, but that's just a temporary fix, and eventually you may want to invest in hydraulic cylinder repair. Here's a look at the process. 1. Release the Pressure Ideally, you don't want to work on the hydraulic cylinder while it's pre