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3 Benefits of Using Electric Vibrating Motors in Concrete Work

If you own a residential concrete paving business, you likely use a standard mixer to keep the concrete from settling. If this is the case, you may have considered other options for larger residential jobs. If that is true, then one option may be to use a concrete vibrating motor table. If you have never considered or used this option before, then here are three benefits to using the electric vibrating motors in your residential concrete work.

Removal of Air

One of the benefits of using an electric vibrating motor table is the removal of air from the concrete mixture. As it is vibrated, the concrete is leveled out. Air is removed in an even manner across the entire plane of the concrete. The vibrations can be set to a specific intensity to help sift and remove the air at a faster rate for larger amounts of cement depending on the depth of your vibrating table. The reason that the air removal is important because if air is trapped in the settled concrete it can cause cracks and breaks that may lead to repair issues.

Reduction of Concrete Cracking

Using a vibrating motor based concrete table will also help reduce issues that cause concrete cracking. Concrete can crack, especially on driveways and walkways, due to several reasons. The first is air bubbles in the concrete that allow cold or hot air to enter and eventually causing erosion and cracking. Other issues, however, are related to uneven pouring which can leave you with cracks due to weight and pressure issues or can lead to uneven placement on support beams underneath the concrete. This uneven placement can lead to too much pressure on the supporting ground, the ground sinking, and cracks to occur. This is reduced with the vibrating motor based table since the vibration evens out the concrete and allows it to be placed equal along the measured area.

Larger Work Area and Reduced Time

If you are using a traditional concrete mixer and pouring system, then you may know how limited on the size that system may be. This is especially true if you are using a smaller mixer and pouring system versus larger truck style mixers. You can increase the workspace, quality of work, and reduce time spent on the concrete placement since you don't have to worry about air being removed and the table can cover a larger area of placement.

By keeping these three benefits in mind, you can better determine if an electric vibrating motor table for your concrete would be ideal. If you think that it would fit your needs, contact your local supply company for pricing. They can also help you determine which motor may be best for your needs.