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3 Reasons to Consider a Mobile Crane for Your Construction Business

As the owner of a construction business, there are times when you need to consider purchasing specific equipment. One piece of equipment that may benefit you in several ways is a crane. Initially you may want to lean towards a tower crane option. Before you do, consider the benefits of purchasing a mobile crane and the many ways you can use it on various job sites throughout the construction year.

Space Benefits

Some worksites, especially sites you may use for storage of equipment, have limited space. This is one of the reasons that many construction business owners choose to use mobile cranes. Mobile cranes do not take up as much room as a tower crane or other crane option. They also can be moved around if necessary with little effort. A mobile crane also uses less space when on the worksite. This means it can get into tighter construction sites and spaces that another type of crane would have difficulty with. If you have limited storage space or work on smaller construction sites, the space saving benefit may be ideal.

Set-up Requirements

If you opt for a traditional crane, or tower crane, you have to build that crane from the ground up. It has to be set up and taken down for storage and for each job that you will use it in. With a mobile crane, you don't have to worry about this. The setup takes considerably less time for mobile cranes, and ready-use options are available. This means less downtime for setup, quicker completion times for projects and less labour time for workers having to set up the crane. This keep expenses reduced and allows you to make shorter time bids for the job, simply because of the ease of setup.

Load Lifting

One of the concerns for some construction business owners is the amount of weight a crane can lift. There is a misconception that a mobile crane may not be able to handle heavier loads. The truth is that a mobile crane is durable enough to handle lifting and moving heavy loads easily with less space requirements than a traditional tower crane. In fact, some construction owners find that a tower crane cannot safely lift higher weights to specific height,s meaning another crane may be required. This isn't an issue with the mobile crane options.

These are only three reasons to consider a mobile crane for your construction business rather than a tower crane. If you think that a mobile crane may be versatile enough, and suitable enough, for your construction business, contact your local heavy machinery dealerships. They can help with your choices, pricing and delivery as well as warranties.