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Could you benefit from using chemical metering pumps?


Are you manufacturing a liquid product? Maybe a drink, a cleaning product, or simply a bottle of sunscreen? Whatever you created may well require you to mix two or more liquids together, and whenever that happens, it is essential that you are able to accurately add the correct amount of each liquid to create a product that has the right properties. It doesn't matter whether you are working in food preparation, agriculture, or the chemical industry; if you get your dosing proportions wrong, then the results could be disastrous.

Combining your liquids

Combining liquids together is a common requirement and something that requires a great deal of care. It is possible to have an operator manually prepare and administer the correct dosage, but this is subject to human error and could prove to be an extremely time-consuming way of proceeding. Instead of relying on fallible humans, why not install chemical metering pumps to do the job instead? When you choose chemical metering pumps, you can be confident that precisely the right amount of liquid is being added to your product every time it is produced.

Choosing your chemical metering pumps

When you start to consider buying chemical metering pumps, you will quickly realise that there is a wide range of chemical metering pumps available for purchase, and not all of them will be suitable for your situation. There are three primary considerations that you will want to bear in mind when you have to pick the right metering pump. You must first think about the type of liquid that you want to pump, then consider the pressure at which you want the liquid to flow and finally think about other external environmental factors, such as where the pumps will be placed and how well they can withstand those conditions.

Selecting chemical metering pumps that have been designed for the liquid that you want to pump is particularly important since some fluids can be corrosive, and if the pump hasn't been built to withstand the properties of that fluid or can't work at the required pressure, then you could find yourself replacing the pumps soon as they fail, which could cause serious delays to your production processes. For help choosing the right chemical metering pumps for your application, talk to your local supplier and find out how they can supply everything that you need to increase the speed and efficiency of your production.

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