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Why you may need a dogging licence

Dogging is the application of slinging techniques to transfer a load. It involves communicating with the hoist or crane operator and directing them on the right way to move the load when that load is not in the sight of the hoist or crane operator. Dogging also involves the choice and inspection of the lifting gear that will be used to move the load. Dogging, along wi

Two tips for those who wish to buy an industrial oven

Most food manufacturers use industrial ovens to prepare their food products. Here are a couple of tips for those who wish to purchase this type of equipment. Choose an oven with a self-cleaning feature Due to the fact that industrial ovens are used to prepare large quantities of food every single day, they can become incredibly dirty in a very short period of time. Be

Top Reasons to Consider Hiring Self-Erecting Tower Cranes

Cranes are a popular choice of heavy lifting equipment in the construction industry. If you are looking to hire one of these powerful pieces of lifting equipment for your particular construction job, you should be aware that not all cranes are built the same. One type of crane that you should consider renting is a self-erecting tower crane.  Self-erecting tower c

Conveyor Guarding: 4 Important Questions to Answer

You can use an area guard to prevent people from accessing a location where the moving parts of equipment, such as a conveyor system, are located. Such a guarding system can only be effective if it was installed after answering several fundamental questions. How Many Workers Need Access? A conveyor guarding system should be selected after considering how many employee

How to arrange the perfect pallet delivery

If you need to transport anything across the country or around the world then you will need to arrange a pallet delivery. Wooden pallets are the easiest way to ship large or heavy items long distances. Pallets are also a convenient method of securely moving smaller items that need to be transported together. The pallet will support the weight of your items ready for t