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3 Unique Methods for Cutting Aluminium Composite Panels

Cutting aluminium metal demands high precision and accuracy to prevent excessive wastage. The most common materials related to aluminium are composite panels, which offer numerous benefits across the industrial sector. There are different ways of fabricating composite panels, including aluminium cutting. It is the first step in the installation and fabrication process and includes various tools and equipment. This post discusses three methods of cutting aluminium composite panels with precision using various tools and equipment. Read on to learn more.

Laser Cutting Aluminium Composite Panels

One of the most popular methods of cutting aluminium composite panels is through laser technology. The high-powered laser penetrates aluminium metal quickly without causing tooling wear. The CO2 laser is also effective when marking aluminium composite panels. A laser marking spray often leaves a dark, durable mark on the aluminium surface after application. This technology is highly sought after because it doesn't cause any shading on the panels during machining. Besides, laser cutters perform intricate tasks while allowing you more speed and freedom than standard CNC routers. 

Cutting Aluminium Composite Panels with CNC Routers

Generally, CNC routers are some of the popularly used machines in industrial cutting projects. Its excellent flexibility makes it ideal for cutting and fabricating aluminium composite panels. However, when using this method to cut aluminium composite panels, always remember to get rid of materials correctly since it's a more challenging process for such a sticky product. But applying a special lubricant can help minimise the effect. Furthermore, consider using a feed rate calculator when working with CNC routers. That's because of the strict windows for speed and feed when cutting aluminium composite panels. Besides, consider regular vacuuming of the machine to eliminate the remaining chips that can be very annoying when cutting. 

Consider Shearing Aluminium Composite Panel

Shearing has been around longer than most metal cutting methods. Generally, this technique involves the use of sheering tools like scissors to cut the aluminium panels. If you want to fracture the material into ideal sizes, the tool's blades meet at a minimal offset, often referred to as a "blade gap". The more intricate or thicker the aluminium panel, the wider the gap between blades must reduce the amount of cargo needing fracturing. Generally, shear elements are included with the mainframe, square arm, control unit, bed and gage. 

These are the three effective methods to cut aluminium composite blades. Others include cutting with circular saws, a jigsaw or a cold chisel. Research more regarding these techniques for more information on the most suitable one.