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What Types of Things Are pH Controllers Used For?

You can find and purchase industrial-grade pH controllers that are actually put to use in a number of different industries. pH controllers are more versatile than many people realize and can be used for a number of different things. If you have been looking for a few examples of the different ways that pH controllers are used, you can start by checking out the list below. You may be able to implement the use of a pH controller in your own business in one of these ways, or you might need to buy a pH controller to use in your business in other ways.

Treating Water

One of the primary things that pH controllers are used for is treating water. After all, they can be used to help with ensuring that water has the appropriate pH balance. A pH controller might be used in conjunction with a wastewater treatment system so that the wastewater that is generated in your business can be properly treated. If you need to make sure that the water that you use for manufacturing is of good quality and has a proper pH balance, then you can use a pH controller to treat the water that will be used in your facility. pH controllers are also commonly used to maintain a proper pH balance for lakes, ponds, large fountains, and more.


In the mining industry, some companies focus solely on mining material and then outsource the process of treating and finishing their mined materials. This is not the case for all mining companies, though, and you might be interested in handling some or all of the preparation and cleaning of the raw material that your mining company acquires from its mining projects. If so, then you might need to use a pH controller in the process, depending on the type of material that your company mines for and the type of preparation and cleaning work that you have to do.

Metal Refinement

Many companies that work with metal like to refine that metal. After all, it's important to make sure that the metal is in the best possible condition before using it for manufacturing or other purposes. In some cases, you have to worry about improper pH levels with metal. If you're going to be taking on the metal refinement process in your facility, using a pH controller can be a good way of doing so.