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How to Use a Tennis Court Broom to Maintain Real and Synthetic Green Surfaces

A tennis court broom is an essential maintenance tool for maintaining any real or synthetic green surfaces that are used for sport, not just tennis courts. Use only a premium-quality broom, which consists of sturdy bristles made of natural, hard-wearing fibres such as millet or, alternatively, heavy-duty nylon. The handle is powder coated and reinforced with a cane insert for durability, while the broom head is attached to the handle with a metal broom bracket, giving it extra strength. These tennis court drag brushes, as they are sometimes called, are suitable for use both at home and on commercial premises, where they are used to maintain all types of sport surfaces including tennis courts, cricket pitches, bowling greens and golfing greens. Simple, lightweight and easy to use, tennis court brooms are used as part of a complete maintenance program to keep both real and synthetic turfs in top condition.

How to maintain real turf

Regardless of whether it's a tennis court or bowling green, the following tips apply equally to all real grass sports surfaces to keep them well maintained and looking great:

How to maintain synthetic turf

Unlike real turf, synthetic turf is much easier to maintain because it doesn't need watering, fertilising, scarifying or aerating. However, it still needs to be kept looking good by regularly removing dirt, twigs and leaves from its surface. Follow these tips: