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3 Ways to Use Mobile Scaffolding Hire for Home Renovations

Taking on home renovation projects means the need for ladders and other equipment to reach out-of-the-way places. This generally brings to mind renovation options like painting. There are other tasks where using mobile scaffolding would be a huge benefit. Here are several home renovation tasks that could benefit from using mobile scaffolding and mobile scaffolding hire.

Crown Molding Installation

One way to upgrade the look of a room easily is by adding crown molding. A ladder would work in most situations, but there are disadvantages. One of the disadvantages is having to move the ladder every few inches of work. Another is the instability of the ladder. With mobile scaffolding, you have more room to move. You also have the stability of the locked casters to keep you stable while you are reaching and stretching to install the molding in place.

Inset Light Installation

A way to give ambiance to a room and to give a sleek modern finish is to add inset lights to the area. This does require working above your head, which is very difficult to do from a traditional ladder. Mobile scaffolding will allow you to stay safe and on even footing while you work on the inset lights. Remember, these lights must be placed carefully into the ceiling, which means, having stability is vital not only for your safety but also for the final appearance of the lighting.

Ceiling Fan Installation

Many homeowners choose to upgrade their cooling system by adding ceiling fans to specific rooms. This helps to keep air circulating and may also cut down on the need for HVAC usage during mild temperatures and seasons. By using scaffolding for this, you can ensure that you have enough stable workspace to complete the task. Keep in mind you will not only need to install the main motor of the fans, but also the fans themselves with the blades either attached or attached after placement. This means having a workspace to hold each part as well as a stable workspace to hold you in place while you are placing the fan onto the motor casing.

These are just a few of the home renovation tasks that can benefit from the use of a mobile scaffolding. Since it is unlikely you will need the scaffolding on a routine basis, you may want to consider using a mobile scaffolding hire for your specific renovation time frame. A sales representative can help you with pricing and the hire paperwork.