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Top Reasons to Consider Hiring Self-Erecting Tower Cranes

Cranes are a popular choice of heavy lifting equipment in the construction industry. If you are looking to hire one of these powerful pieces of lifting equipment for your particular construction job, you should be aware that not all cranes are built the same. One type of crane that you should consider renting is a self-erecting tower crane. 

Self-erecting tower cranes offer a number of essential benefits to construction contractors, making their use prevalent on construction sites. Here are a few benefits of self-erecting tower cranes you should know about.

Improved workers' health and safety.

One of the top priorities for construction companies or contractors is to protect their workers from health and safety hazards that may arise out of construction jobs. Failure to minimise the health and safety risks associated with construction jobs can lead to increased workers' compensation claims and also taint the image of the business in the eyes of potential customers and the general public. 

As it involves the use of static equipment, operating a self-erecting tower crane minimises health and safety risks associated with operating mobile material handlers. In essence, the risk of man-machine collisions is significantly reduced, thus improving the level of health and safety on the jobsite.

Environmentally-friendly operation.

These days, industry regulators are increasing pressure on construction companies to ensure they go about their business in a manner that minimises environmental impact. The kind of equipment that construction contractors choose to work with can significantly influence how "green" their operations are.

Self-erecting tower cranes are designed to function quietly. In addition, they help minimise carbon emissions associated with vehicular movements on site. As a result, these cranes help contribute to cleaner equipment operation on various construction areas.

Easy to deliver to the jobsite.

Self-erecting tower cranes are enormous. But that does not mean they are usually transported on site fully assembled. A self-erecting tower crane comprises a number of parts, and it "folds up" into a compact size when being prepared for transport. 

When folded up, self-erecting cranes can meet all legal requirements for transporting heavy loads on the highways via flatbed towing. 

Operable on tight areas.

As they sit on a relatively smaller footprint, self-erecting tower cranes can be erected and manoeuvred into very tight areas, which would otherwise be impossible to work from using other types of lifting equipment. 

For more information on self-erecting tower cranes, contact an equipment hire service that offers these cranes for hire.