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Conveyor Guarding: 4 Important Questions to Answer

You can use an area guard to prevent people from accessing a location where the moving parts of equipment, such as a conveyor system, are located. Such a guarding system can only be effective if it was installed after answering several fundamental questions.

How Many Workers Need Access?

A conveyor guarding system should be selected after considering how many employees/visitors will need to access the area where the moving parts of your equipment are located. An area guard may not be an appropriate option in case many workers have to access the hazardous zone. This is because the place may become overcrowded and accidental contact with the moving parts may result. Point-of-contact guard systems, such as protective meshes covering the moving part, may be better in such a situation.

How Will Equipment Be Shut Down? 

It is often necessary to access the area where the moving parts of equipment are located. For example, maintenance workers may need to service the equipment. It is therefore important for you to think about how the equipment will be shut down prior to the entry of personnel. For example, you can select an area guard that can be linked to the equipment so that the equipment shuts down as soon as the entry to the restricted area is opened. Alternatively, you can design the area guard in such a way that the equipment can be shut off manually before the workers enter the restricted area.

How Will The Guard System Be Recognised?

An area guard can only be good if people can recognise it as an area guard for the conveyor system. Make sure that you select a guarding system that will be easily recognized. Otherwise, find additional ways to let people know about that conveyor guarding system. For example, you may use colour codes or warning signs to alert people to stay away from the area demarcated by the guard system.

How Frequently Is Entry Required?

You need to think about how often people will need to enter the restricted area. Area conveyor guarding systems are ideal for locations where entry isn't often required. Avoid relying on an area guard if workers need frequent access to the area where moving parts of the conveyor system are located.

Discuss the questions above with a conveyor guarding expert so that you can get the help that you need when selecting the best guarding system for your application.