Victor's Industrial Supply Advice

How to arrange the perfect pallet delivery

If you need to transport anything across the country or around the world then you will need to arrange a pallet delivery. Wooden pallets are the easiest way to ship large or heavy items long distances. Pallets are also a convenient method of securely moving smaller items that need to be transported together. The pallet will support the weight of your items ready for transfer to the truck which will take them on the next stage of their journey. Before arranging your pallet delivery, you will have to carefully consider how you will use the pallet to transport your items.

Deciding how the pallet will be delivered and collected

Pallet delivery and collection usually takes place using large trucks so you will need to have suitable access available for delivery. If you need a collection or delivery from a location with restricted access then it is important to notify your pallet delivery company in advance to see if they can use a smaller vehicle for delivery. It is also worth checking how the pallet will be moved on and off the vehicle. Pallets are generally transferred using a forklift, but if you don't have one available, you will need to check with the collection company to see if they can provide a vehicle with a tail-lift and a pump-truck to make the transfer to the truck easier.

Choosing the right pallet

You need to use good quality pallets that are capable of bearing the weight of your items and that will protect them as they are transferred from location to location until they reach their final destination. It is important that choose pallets that comply with the ISPM15 international standards for solid wood packaging. If you use wooden pallets that don't meet these standards you run the risk of having your packaging being rejected or destroyed, which could be a potential disaster if your deliveries are time sensitive.

Loading the pallet

Before booking a pallet delivery you must ensure that your pallet is ready for collection. You should have read and understood all of the delivery conditions of your chosen delivery company and made sure that each item placed on the pallet is correctly packaged. Finally the pallet should be covered with wrapping to maintain the stability of the pallet during transit.

Choosing high quality pallets and asking the right questions before loading the pallet will ensure your deliveries are secure and arrive at their destination as expected.