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Projects to Make From Square Hollow Tubes

If you're interested in working with metal, you may want to find some square hollow tubes and build something out of them. You can get square hollow tubes from companies that specialise in industrial products. If you're up for welding, you can make frames for chairs, tables, soccer nets and lots of other items, but even without welding, there are a lot of projects to consider.

1. Tiny Wall Storage

If you cut your square hollow section into lots of little pieces, you have a collection of open cubes. Attach those cubes to the wall so that they are all displayed together. You may want to make a long rectangle of cubes over your sofa or a more abstract shape. Then, fill some of the cubes with small curiosities ranging from figurines to pictures to interesting rocks. If desired, you can use this same concept in a craft room and fill the cubes with supplies that you use for crafting.

2. Geometric Candle Holders

Alternatively, cut the hollow square tubes so that they are varying heights. Then, drill holes in them or use a punch to make different shapes. Finally, place the candle holders on a table and put candles inside of them. The light will make an interesting effect as it escapes through the holes.

3. Mini Window Herb Gardens

Cut your square hollow tubes so that they fit in your kitchen window. You can brace them using brackets designed for shades with squared tops. Then, cut a series of holes along one side of each tube. Insert a tiny container into each hole and plant an herb in that container. Alternatively, you can remove the entire top of your square hollow tube so that it's more like a small open trench. Then, fill it with dirt and put the herb seeds directly inside.

Once you hang the tubes, you will have a series of little herb gardens running over your window. As the plants get bigger, they will even create a bit of privacy on your window.

4. Geometric Ball

This project also requires you to cut the square hollow tube into lots of little cubes. Then, fashion the squares together so that they make a sphere shape. Use a strong epoxy to hold them together. Now, you have an interesting piece of art to display in your home. If you want to make it functional, attach a piece of wood to the top and use it as an end table.