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5 Tips for Saving Energy on Commercial Air Conditioning for an Apartment Block

If you own an apartment block, you need amenities that will attract renters to your building, and with high temperatures and hot summer weather, commercial air conditioning should make the list. Unfortunately, however, cooling a large building can get expensive. To save money, check out these ideas.

1. Keep the Whole Building at a Consistent Temp

When cooling an apartment block, you have two main options: a large system that cools everybody or separate ACs for each unit. If you pay for the cooling for the whole building, you may want to use one system that keeps every unit at a constant temp. That way, you get to control what happens, and you don't have to worry about tenants turning down the temps on their individual units.

2. Let Tenants Pay for Their Own Cooling

If you take this route, you give up the ability to control the thermostat, but you hand responsibility for the bill over to your tenants. This is a great option if you are still in the process of designing your apartment block or if you don't have a ducted system throughout the building. You can add window or wall units to each flat, or you can opt for mini ductless units.

3. Have Separate Systems for Hot Areas

Whether each unit in your building is connected to the main HVAC system or not, you may want to set up separate cooling units throughout the apartment block. In particular, you may want to have a separate thermostat for the laundry room, as that space gets a lot warmer than the rest of your building.

4. Embrace a Vestibule Design

When you enter a building through one set of doors but there's a second set of doors leading to the rest of the building, the intermediary area is called a vestibule. Vestibules can be a helpful way to keep the cool air inside your apartment block and keep your cooling costs low. If your building doesn't have a vestibule, you can simulate one by adding insulated PVC strip curtains to the front door of the apartment block. Alternatively, add a self closing mechanism to the door so that no one leaves it hanging open.

5. Educate Your Tenants

Finally, get your tenants involved in the process of saving energy. If they have their own thermostats, give them tips on how to set it correctly and even provide them with programmable thermostats. Also, advise them to close their shades during the hottest months of the year.

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