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Tips for Safe Operation of a Boom Lift in Your Work Site

Whether you want to lift workers up to pick fruits from tall trees, clean windows and repair utility cables or do some construction work, a boom lift is one of the best pieces of equipment to use. For most people and even companies, boom lift hire makes more financial sense because there are many designs and types of boom lift depending on the purpose instead of buying all those different types. Unfortunately with boom lift hires, you have to trust that the machine is well maintained and working properly because you only have it for a short time. Apart from asking the right questions when hiring the machinery, here are some other things you must do to ensure a safe operation.

Pre-start inspection

Even if the machine is well maintained, you must check that the battery is fully charged and all the liquids such as oil and coolant are at the right levels. Go around and check that all the controls are working well and everything else from brakes to outriggers. Apart from operations, check also that the safety belts are available and in good working order and there is a good gate that closes securely.

Train the Users

Everybody who will be operating the boom lift must go through training regarding operating the machine, use of safety harness in compliance to the Australian Standard AS 1891.1 and how to rescue someone in case of a fall. This training can be done by someone from the company that lends you the boom lift or any other knowledgeable person.

Set policies and procedures

There must be clear guidelines to be followed by everyone who will use the boom lift if safety is to be maintained. Such strategies include never operating the machine during bad weather, never overloading the lift, never leaning against guardrails or the gate and always using the safety harness. When everybody knows the rules and follows them, the likelihood of anything dangerous happening will be very slim.

There are also necessary procedures that should be followed to ensure safety such as avoiding power lines, stopping before lifting the boom and of course making sure you stand on level ground. Instead of out-reaching for something outside the confines of the cage, it is better to move the boom as close to the work site as possible and then make sure the worker is wearing safety harness so they won't fall.

Over and above everything, you should only hire a boom lift from a company that is insured and reputable for its well-serviced equipment. Operating a boom lift safely is all about being mindful of your actions and the environment around you and of course following rules at all times.